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What’s Biting: White Trout Fishing in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

A family-friendly species of saltwater fish that young and old can hook is the white trout, an abundant inshore species along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

A silver-sided cousin of the larger speckled trout (spotted seatrout), white trout (sand or silver seatrout) rarely get larger than three pounds in inshore waters, but they are perfect for filling an ice chest with fish because there is no creel or size limit in Alabama. 

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How To Find White Trout along Alabama’s Gulf Coast

The easiest way to find white trout is to head to the many inshore reefs and oyster beds along the Alabama coast and start fishing. A white trout that weighs a pound is considered a keeper, so it will take several fish to fill that ice chest. However, once you find the fish, it’s game on.

Spinning tackle with 10-pound test line is usually perfect for the job, although you may occasionally have to retie because of a barnacle encounter, plenty of fish are left to catch.
For the youngsters on the boat, cast out a small piece of cut bait or a piece of squid, which is often the best alternative because it’s tough and hard to lose. If the white trout are there, it won’t be long before the kids will be squealing and reeling.

Unlike speckled trout, white trout will almost always be found on or near the bottom. For the anglers in your group who love to cast, toss a quarter-ounce jighead with a soft plastic grub in a lighter color onto the reef or oyster beds and give it plenty of action as you retrieve the jig across the reef. An occasional hop is sometimes needed to trigger a strike. White trout tend to hit a falling bait. Once hooked up, take your time because their mouths are easily ripped. Once you get that fish on the deck, cast right back to the same stop and catch another one. Sometimes you can do that until the ice chest is filled and it’s time to take a break.

Cooking with White Trout

When it comes time to have that big fish fry for family and friends, white trout fillets are perfect, especially fresh. However, it does take some care to ensure the best quality that comes out of the 350-degree oil golden brown. The flesh of a white trout is not as firm as a speckled trout, so it’s important to take plenty of ice when you go fishing. Ice them down as quickly as possible after you catch them.

If you have room, dedicate one ice chest as your trout container and make ice-water slush. When you unhook the fish,  toss it into the slush so the whole fish is submerged. When the slush won’t cover the last trout you threw in the ice chest, it’s time to start filleting fish. Keep the fillets cool in another icy slush until it’s time to fry. Add a little salt and dust with your favorite fry mix. Drop them in the hot oil and you’ll end up with plenty of fish for the whole bunch.

Head on down to the Gulf Coast and enjoy the abundant fishing opportunities Alabama has to offer.


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