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QUIZ: What Kind of Bleisure Traveler Are You? 

You mix business with leisure vacations all the time, but what personality best suits you? 

You may wear many hats when it comes to the workplace, but one thing is for sure: You mix business obligations and trips with leisure travel and fun. That means the Alabama Gulf Coast is the perfect destination for YOU!

Find Out The Type of Bleisure Traveler You Are!

It’s time for the big meeting or annual conference in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The first thing you do is:

A: Scope out all the flip-flop-friendly restaurants in the area. 
B: Text your co-workers (or fellow attendees) to see what they have planned to do while on their workcation. 
C: Quickly create a Pinterest board of the top 20 things you’d like to do in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama.

Travel day is here and it’s time to head south. You:

A: Throw on your sneakers and grab your small carry-on. 
B: Hop in the car with your co-workers and get ready for a fun road trip! 
C: Double-check your luggage to make sure you brought enough clothing and items for all the activities you booked in advance. 

The first meeting is done for the day and now it’s time to explore. You:

A: Pack your beach bag and head for relaxation in the sun. 
B: Quickly round up a group of friends and hit the road to explore the top beach restaurants for meals and drinks. 
C: Schedule a ride-share service to take you to the closest marina because you have an all-day, off-shore fishing trip planned. 

The meetings are all over. You:

A: Immediately ditch your work shoes and change to flip-flops. It’s time for another beach trip. 
B: Grab your friends for a round of golf or a spa day. 
C: Call your hotel to extend your stay for another three days to experience more activities and dining opportunities in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. 

Who do you think you are? Let's see!

Girls dining at Pink Pony Pub in Gulf Shores, AL

Casual, laid-back bleisure traveler

If you answered A to most of the questions, you are a casual, laid-back bleisure traveler. You go with the flow but are always down to relax and take things slow. You wear flip-flops and love casual beachside dining. Lucky for you, we have the best casual restaurants and activities around. 

Anonyme Cruise in Orange Beach, AL

Group bleisure traveler

If you answered B to most of the questions, you are a group bleisure traveler. You’re easy to please, and you love to plan outings with your work besties. Lucky for you, there are plenty of group activities to enjoy here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. 

Deep-sea fishing in Orange Beach, AL

Go-getter, an all-in kind of bleisure traveler

If you answered C to most of the questions, you are a go-getter, an all-in kind of bleisure traveler. You want to experience everything thrilling and entertaining here on the Gulf Coast. You look for adventures and aren’t afraid to travel alone. You truly experience everything there is to do when you travel. Lucky for you, there are plenty of adventurous outdoor activities waiting for you here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!

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