Swing Down South This Winter

While some golfers tend to plan their golf getaways during the warmer months of the year, those that frequent the Alabama Gulf Coast know that you can play your favorite sport all year long. Although the days may be shorter during the winter, the milder

temperatures will mean more time on the green for those golfers that can't stand the sweltering heat during those dog days of summer.
Instead of dreaming about playing while there's snow on the ground, make a round of golf a reality by swinging down south for a golf getaway. The bitter cold will be a distant memory as you step out on one of the seven signature courses on the Alabama Gulf Coast. The harsh winds will be replaced by gulf breezes.

There are other advantages to taking a trip during cooler months. Since it's off season, you'll have a front row seat to the waves of the Gulf of Mexico when you're not hitting some balls on the course. Without the crowds, another perk is getting a table right away at your favorite post-game seafood dive with your buddies.

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