Putting from 3 feet/4 feet/5 feet

The percentage spread from the best tour putter inside of 5 feet to the 100th player is only 2%; the top 100 guys make over 97% inside 5 feet. The TOP tour guy makes 29% at 5-10 feet.

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The point is, you must be confident in the 3- to 5-foot rangeTake 4 balls and place them at 3 feet around the hole, like a compass (N, S, E, W)Once you make ALL 4 in a row, proceed to 4 feetRepeat the process and proceed to 5 feetIf you miss any putts, you begin again at 3 feetThis will make you more confident in your short-range puttingThe more confident you are with this, the better your lag putting becomes as well.

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