Two Tech Tools to Help You Be a Better Planner

Did you know that by 2020, according to the firm Gartner, there will be nearly 26 billion wireless devices connected to the Internet? Finding new ways to reach the users who hold those devices has not only become important, but is now essential for today's event planners.
Association members and event attendees are becoming more connected by the day. We've found two ways you can take advantage of your growing digital audience.

BeaconFacebook Bluetooth beacons launched in 2015. This Bluetooth technology allows you to send event attendees messages or tips while they are onsite at your event. In order to work, this small device should be registered to your event at the actual location. Notifications sent to your attendees might include welcome messages, updates on sessions or announcements of after-hours events. The possibilities are endless.

Facebook Beacon Tip: As of August 2015, the Facebook beacon device is free for businesses. You can get your beacon online.

PeriscopeAs planners, you want as many industry professionals as possible to attend your event. Logistically, though, it's not a reasonable expectation. Avoid alienating those who can't attend. You'll need them next year, and you can begin building loyalty now. Give them a sneak peek at what they're missing by broadcasting a selection of sessions through the Periscope app. Available for download in app stores, this free app enables viewers to watch your posted videos up to 24 hours after it takes place. You can share the links to your broadcasts on your social media channels.

Periscope Tip: Periscope is created to broadcast vertically. Avoid broadcasting a horizontal video, as it will be cropped to fit the vertical screen.

Share your favorite tech tools with your meeting planners in the comments section below.


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