Pro Tip: Start the right way now, rather than later

Golf can be a complicated game, if we let it. Learning the proper grip, stance, ball position, and aim, from a PGA Professional, at a young age, makes it easier to improve as the player matures.

Learning the correct fundamentals from a PGA Professional, can be invaluable to the career of a junior golfer that is new to the game. If I can get a player in the proper set-up position, from the start, -- it is much easier to achieve good results within the golf swing. There will be less chance of compensating moves or inefficiency in the golf swing after reinforcing the proper pre-shot fundamentals.

unnamedContact David Musial, PGA Professional, and AHSAA Golf Coach, for individual and group instruction at GlenLakes Golf Club, Foley. Lesson programs start at $100 for a 3-lesson game improvement program. Contact David at 251-955-1220, or email [email protected] for open lesson sessions.






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