Find Out Why You Should be on LinkedIn

Do you think LinkedIn is only for those on the hunt for a new job? Think again. LinkedIn is the social network where professionals go to talk, share ideas and network.

employees gathered looking at computer

You’ve heard that adage, “you become the people you associate with.” LinkedIn provides an opportunity to network and learn from top leaders and producers in your industry. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. You’ll find many Fortune 500 companies on LinkedIn. If they are there, shouldn’t you be?

How should you use this social network? To position yourself and your company as an expert in your field, publish blogs and white papers to LinkedIn. Even if you’re not looking for employment, this information could lead to consulting, speaking engagements and sales. In a Content Marketing Institute survey, 63 percent of marketers reported positive sales results by using LinkedIn. Consider posting to the network about 20 times per month for visibility. In addition, connect with people or companies you are genuinely interested in. Avoid sending requests for the sake of numbers. Instead, be strategic.

If someone Googles your name or business, what will they find? Put your best foot forward with a fully-loaded LinkedIn profile. Adding a photo to your profile can increase its likelihood of being viewed by 11 times. Members who list skills on their profiles can increase their views by 13 times.

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