Shed the Turkey Weight on the Course

10428619_10153553469783529_6618229147626496363_nPecan pies, pumpkin cheesecake, cornbread dressing, gingerbread men, cheese straws, and all of the casseroles and desserts your heart desires. Is your mouth watering? We all know it isn't the holidays without some sinfully delicious treats. But for many, these treats come at a price: an extra tire or two around the belly.
This season, turn all of that sugar into energy on the golf course and enjoy your favorite game on your favorite Gulf Coast courses while shedding those pounds that come along with the holidays.

Let's do some math . . .

10345533_10152522215918529_6968470119482772131_nLose the cart and walk your 18 instead of riding. Walking 18 holes is equal to a 3.5-mile run or 5-mile walk! You take roughly 10,000 steps in a typical round of golf and burn up to 2000 calories.

So that's 2,000 calories in a round, and let's just say three rounds in a weekend. That's 6,000 calories burned from your golf vacation. Now go ahead and have another slice of that pie!



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