Five Reasons Your Brand Should be Blogging

Blogging can be one of the most valuable tools in your marketing toolbox. It's an effective way to provide up-to-date information to meeting attendees about your next event, provide education between events and share industry knowledge.


In addition, we’ve compiled a list of five other reasons your organization should be blogging.

1.  Search engines love valuable content and will reward you with higher search rankings.

2.  Your blog provides fodder for your other social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It can also feed your email newsletters.

3.  Two-way communication. A blog allows your meeting attendees and fellow planners to interact in the comment section. Be sure to reply to comments.

4.  Brand identity. Your blog provides the perfect opportunity to build your brand’s identity and give it a voice. Tell your brand’s story.

5.  Establish authority. Good content establishes you and your brand as the expert in your field.

How has your blog helped in your event planning and marketing efforts? Share your comments with us below.


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