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I spend a lot of mornings watching charter boats head out of Perdido Pass. There is something very relaxing for me watching boats and customers leave out for a day of fishing. I regularly speak with charter boat captains and mates about the offshore fishingconditions. Those sources always provide me with great information that I use when heading offshore in my boat.

When chatting with our local crews most of the conversation is about the fishing but sometimes the conversation takes a turn and we start talking about their customers. Charter boats build a lot of their businesses on repeat clients who appreciate all the hard work that goes into a successful offshore fishing trip.

When an exceptionally great trip occurs, it’s not a coincidence when the captain or the mate tells me that those customers have been fishing on the boat for years. Repeat customers get to know the boat, the crew and the boat’s style of fishing. Likewise, the crew gets to know the customers, how they fish and how they like to fish.

Fishing on the same charter boat year after year, is one of the most surefire ways to stack the odds in your favor. But what if you are a new visitor to our area, or maybe even new to offshore fishing? How do you establish a relationship to become a repeat customer?

The first step is a simple as just picking a boat and taking your first trip. There are plenty of places online to research our local captains, but nothing beats a phone call. You’ll get a feel for the captain and he can give you all you need to know about booking a trip. Most captains answer their own phones and book their own trips, so if you do get their voicemail, they are probably out fishing so leave a message and they will call you back.

“We do love fishing with our repeat customers, but there is something really special about taking someone, especially a family offshore for the first time,” said Captain Casey Price on the Lady D. “If you have never been out in the Gulf of Mexico, every aspect of that first trip is a new experience. It’s not just about catching the fish, it’s taking them to a world they have never seen before. It’s a special trip when we introduce someone to our daily world offshore.”

Take advantage of the captain and crew’s experience on your first trip out. Our charter fleet is made up of some of the best fishermen in the world. They fish every day and nothing makes them happier than seeing you catch lots of fish. They love to talk about fishing with their customers and often share their own fishing stories. So, it’s important to engage with them and ask questions on your trip. They will provide you with expert advice to help you reel in lots of fish on your first trip. Once you’ve got the first trip under your belt the process for booking your next charter trip is much easier, and the Captain and crew value your repeat business.


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