Five Money-Saving Family Vacation Tips

All too often the reason families don’t vacation boils down to one factor: cost. Vacations don’t have to be expensive, though.

My family is a traveling family. Whenever we can get away from the monotony of everyday life, we take advantage of it. As Americans, I think we don’t take advantage of “getting away from it all” enough. If we took more holidays, I think we’d be much happier as a whole.

I’ve got five great money-saving tips that everyone can use to their vacationing advantage.

Vacation in the Off Season – While children are young, take advantage of off-season travel. The Alabama Gulf Coast is a perfect place to visit in the late fall and early spring. If you have school-aged children, take a three-day weekend (or fall break if you have it) and head down to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The weather is warm and the hotels, restaurants and beaches are wide-open spaces.

Eat In – Find lodging for your stay that has a kitchen. Whether you choose a beach house, condominium or hotel, having a full kitchen to work with can cut down on your food expenses. Having the option of eating in during some of the mealtime hours will also help you spend more time doing the things you love and less time waiting for a table somewhere.

Plan a Quick Trip – Vacations do not have to be long, luxurious affairs. If you can only stay for a little while, go! Time spent relaxing is never wasted. Relaxation isn’t the only activity on Alabama’s beautiful beaches. From shopping to golfing to amusement parks and more, there is something for everyone to choose from.

Bring the Whole Family – I’m not just talking parents and kids here. Think outside the box and ask the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or even another family you’re close with to join you! Splitting the cost with another party helps ease the financial burden on everyone. Bonuses of bringing others include the potential for parent date nights or extra playmates for the kids!

Check for Deals – The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach website has an amazing deals section! Finding deals on everything from dining to hotel stays to weekend getaway packages is so simple. It’s always a great idea to search for deals first before picking your dates, if you can. That way you’ll start saving before you even book anything!

There are so many easy ways for families to save on their next vacation. What’s your best money-saving family vacation tip? Tell us in the comment section below.

Money-Saving Family Vacation Tips


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