Catching the Fall Migration

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

One of the best things about fall fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast is catching the return of the migrating fish as they start their trek east and then south in the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the favorite fish to catch is the cobia. During spring, cobia swim up the coastline from the Florida Keys to the mouth of the Mississippi River to spawn. Their trek takes them close to the shore of the northern Gulf as they make their way west. These travelers return to the tropical waters in late fall, with the heaviest numbers between mid-October and mid-November.

Cobia aren’t the only fish in the sea that migrate. King mackerel and Spanish mackerel pass through our area on their fall migration and should be around through October. These fish can be caught near shore and on a half-day charter.

For the best fight and best taste, hope for catching pompano. While pompano are more likely to be caught in the spring, they do make a fall migration across the northern Gulf.

Don’t forget about our flat friend, the flounder. During the fall, the adult flounder leaves the rivers and bays for the deeper water of the Gulf to spawn. You can find them congregated in the passes and channels leading to the Gulf.

As with all fishing on the Gulf Coast, a saltwater license is required. Be sure to check for limits and regulations online or at a local tackle shop.

Enjoy your time fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast!

Fall Fishing  Orange Beach, AL


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