Dive into a homeschool mariculture adventure

Make Gulf Shores and Orange Beach the ultimate field trip for your homeschool children or groups.

Brood stocks of flounder, pompano and redfish

One of the most fascinating learning experiences will come during a tour of the Claude Peteet Mariculture Center in Gulf Shores.

At this state fish hatchery explore how the staff manages three native species and raises their young for release into the wild. The staff uses brood stocks for redfish, flounder and pompano to keep the wild populations thriving.

Hear how the scientists stimulate spawning by changing the lighting and water temperature. Redfish can experience a full year of seasons in three months inside this controlled environment.

Incubation tanks inside the fish hatchery

See the incubation area where eggs are nurtured in a series of tanks until they are large enough for release. Look through a microscope and see the tiny plankton raised to feed the hatchlings.

And it’s all done with water pumped straight from the Gulf in a pipe running from under the Gulf State Park pier more than three miles to the center.

Tours are on Wednesdays, so call 251-968-7576 to schedule your visit.

Since tours are only offered on Wednesdays, you’ll have lots of time to study the vibrant nature on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Tour the pier and nature center in Gulf State Park and schedule an eco-tour of the Backcountry Trail. A tour of Fort Morgan will make a perfect Civil War history lesson.

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