Hot Team-building Trends to Reinforce Company Culture

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

There are great benefits to having a strong and engaged team. Associations and company leaders are recognizing this more than ever before. Today's C-suite executives are engaging and empowering their employees and building stronger company cultures. They recognize a vibrant corporate culture can promote innovation. Developing an engaged team and nurturing it may also reduce employee turnover and increase company revenue.

Team Building Activities in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

Team-building with a focus on company culture is trending more than ever before. Company culture is the personality of a company, including its values, goals, ethics and expectations. Whereas many companies once had their employees working in silos, today’s companies encourage collaborative work environments that foster their workplace culture. This type of team-building also strengthens communications between departments and helps align each person with the brand’s values.

Collaborative Team-building
According to Outback Team Building, interest in collaborative team-building activities more than quadrupled from 2016 to 2017. These types of activities encourage friendly competition with a focus on team camaraderie, engagement of all participants and the opportunity to work toward a single goal as a team while making the most of each colleague’s strengths. Groups may bond over a shared goal. In the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area, activities such as Breakout Games and Escape House Waterville are ideal for these collaborative exercises. Teams have to work together to escape a room in under 60 minutes by solving puzzles, cracking codes and finding hidden clues.

Team Building Activities in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

Reality Team-building
Games like reality TV’s The Amazing Race and Survivor are being adapted and applied to corporate team-building exercises, providing employees with a fun and entertaining way to work together. With some creativity, these games modeled after TV shows are easy to adapt to a destination and group activity.

Smaller Teams
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a two-pizza rule, stating if you can’t feed your group with two pizzas, then the team is too large to be effective and productive. Smaller teams may have fewer obstacles slowing down productivity. Team-building focused on small groups makes each person’s contribution count, lessens the possibility of chaos and makes communication easier. When organizing team-building activities for these groups, start with activities for your core teams. Then bring in other teams and mix them up. This encourages both small-team and company-wide team-building to reinforce the company culture.

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