Father and son golfing at Peninsula in Gulf Shores

Enjoy Championship Golf on the Fort Morgan Peninsula

Many of the world’s iconic courses can be found on idyllic natural landscapes, requiring very little to create a golfing masterpiece.

This is certainly the case on the Fort Morgan peninsula where one of Alabama’s most breathtaking golf resorts can be found - Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club. A visit to this golfing haven is so much more than just experiencing the 27-hole complex; rather, it gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful natural landscape that allows a myriad of wildlife to thrive on.

Peninsula Golf Club in Gulf Shores

27 Holes Set on 800 Acres of Natural Beauty

The vast 800 acres of stunning woodland and cypress trees create the perfect backdrop for a championship-style golf course. Thanks to Earl Stone’s creative design, it’s no surprise that Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club is consistently voted as one of the “most memorable and enjoyable” courses in the southeast by Golf Digest.

Whether you are an aspiring amateur or a seasoned professional, a trip to Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club will leave you enticed to experience more, with three distinctive courses each offering a challenge that will test every skill level. Each of the courses at this resort creates the ultimate golfing experience along the Gulf Coast. When you create any combination of these three, you certainly can enjoy an amazing 18-holes of championship golf.

Cypress Course

The opening hole on the Cypress course epitomizes not only the rest of this nine but perhaps all of Peninsula’s 27-hole complex. A tricky par-four dogleg to the right requires an accurate tee shot that will reward those willing to get as close to the trees on the right as possible. Walk away with a par on the first, and you will head to the second ready to attack the first par five on the course.

With two ponds on either side of the fairway, accuracy is critical, and this hole can certainly cause havoc with your scorecard before your round has even started. While the Cypress course offers some birdie opportunities, you can easily run up some high numbers. Still, regardless of your score, the panoramic views around the course as you admire nature at its finest will surely make up for your score.

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Lakes Course

Starting out at the Lakes, you could be forgiven for being led into a false sense of security with a relatively straightforward opening par four, that should offer a birdie opportunity with two solid shots. However, don’t let the benign opening hole convince you otherwise because the moment you walk over to the second hole, the course immediately starts to get much trickier.

A large pond and bunkers protect the second green's left side and walking away from this hole with a par will likely feel like you have picked up a shot. The third hole at the Lakes course can easily confuse you. A straight tee shot over the trees may end up in the water, so be prepared to lay up with a long iron and play this short par four smart otherwise, you could be visiting an area more accustomed to the local alligators.

The eighth hole is perhaps the signature hole on the Lakes course, both in terms of appearance and because of the treacherous nature of this short, yet intimidating par three. Avoid the water hazards that line both sides of the fairway, along with a steep false front that will see many a ball roll back towards the hazards. An undulating green will test even the best putters, and to walk off this green with a par will do nothing but help your scorecard.

Marsh Course

For those visiting Peninsula with the hope of seeing a variety of wildlife, the Marsh course is perhaps the best place to experience alligators, eagles, and other unique species. With natural vegetation throughout this property, the Marsh course offers perfect conditions to ensure a diverse range of ecosystems remains prevalent, despite the golf course thriving along this stretch of the Fort Morgan peninsula.

However, for the golfers hoping to keep their ball on the fairways, this is another challenging nine holes with the par-three fourth the signature hole. Frequently playing into a prevailing wind, those opting to play from the back tees will face a 215-yard shot with water, trees and sand protecting the green. Aesthetically appealing to the eye, yet a brutal challenge when hitting against the wind, this is one of several challenging holes on the Marsh course.

2021 Enhancements

Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club prides itself in keeping all three courses in impeccable condition, creating the perfect golfing experience that is unequivocally one of the best on the Gulf Coast. With a number of enhancements and upgrades both on and off the course throughout 2021, a visit to Peninsula is a must for all standards of golfer. Some of these improvements include strategic updates to several holes, cart path repairs, and brand-new E-Z-GO golf carts to enhance comfort. 

Off the course, a renovated clubhouse and for the non-golfers, resurfaced tennis courts, new pickleball courts and fitness equipment create a fun-filled family experience for everyone visiting Peninsula.


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