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5 Golfing Etiquette Rules for Everyone

While the sport of golf frequently has a reputation of being associated with a higher socioeconomic status, it’s fair to say that this is more of a myth than reality. Golf is an experience all the family can enjoy, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or demographic background. 

Unfortunately, many entry-level golfers, along with in some cases seasoned professionals, fail to follow some basic golfing etiquette when hitting the links. For those visiting the Gulf Coast, a collection of courses is available to satisfy everyone’s budget, whether it be a round at Orange Beach Golf Center or perhaps a luxury 18 holes at Craft Farms Golf Resort. 

Whether you aspire to be the next Tiger Woods or perhaps just want to enjoy a relaxing stroll down the fairway with friends and family, there are ample opportunities to showcase your talents while also leading by example and following basic golfing etiquette.

Let’s take a look at some of the best forms of golfing etiquette that will enable you and others on the course to experience an incredible visit to the golf course.

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1. Be Mindful of Local Dress Codes

While the stereotypical golfing attire may no longer be quite as strict, it is still important to follow each course's local dress code standards. Visit the website before heading over to the course to see any requirements, such as collared shirts, no jeans or vest style shirts. 

Not only does this put the folks at the course in the difficult position of having to tell you to change your attire, but it also reflects on the appearance of the course. Visitors should always respect the image that the course is wanting to portray.

2. Arrive Early at the Golf Course

It may seem obvious but arrive at the golf course with plenty of time before your tee time. Please try to show up at least 30 minutes before your tee time so you can check in at the pro shop, hit some range balls or practice a few putts and head over to the first tee so that the starter isn’t scrambling to think whether you will be a no show.

3. Pace of Play

For any aspiring golfer thinking about starting this sport, one of the most frustrating aspects is the thought of having to spend five or six hours on the course. Not only does this dissuade prospective golfers from playing, but it is also incredibly frustrating for those that venture out and want to enjoy the golfing experience. Some of the best tips to ensure you keep up with the pace of play are as follows:

  • Don’t allow the group in front of you to get more than a hole ahead of you.
  • If you are playing in a group with three or more members, always be prepared to hit your shot when it’s your turn.
  • Don’t feel like you have to make every single putt – take a “gimmie” here and there to help speed up play.
  • Don’t spend too long looking for a lost ball – while golf balls can be expensive, looking for longer than three or four minutes can get frustrating for everyone.

4. Respect Other Golfers

If you are playing with friends or family in a three or four-ball, it’s plausible to think that you are out on the links for an entertaining and enjoyable round of golf. However, always be aware of the groups behind you. Be courteous if there is an individual or group of two behind you and allow them to play through so they continue without having to wait on every shot.

Respect should also be shown to other playing members within your group. When you are waiting to hit your shot, always be quiet so that others can focus on their shot. You can all enjoy the experience on the golf course even while remaining courteous to everyone in the group. 

5. Take Care of the Course

The Gulf Coast is blessed to have a collection of fabulous golf courses, each of them offering a unique challenge and kept in pristine condition. It is a credit to the local greenkeepers at all of these courses that the time and effort they spend is reflected in high-quality courses for every golfer to enjoy. However, it is critical that all golfers do their part and not rely solely on the greenkeepers. Maintain the quality of the course by following these quick and easy tips:

  •  Replace all divots with divot mix or sand that are usually always readily available on your golf cart.
  •  Repair not only your pitch marks on the greens but also any others that you see.
  •  Try to keep your golf carts on the cart paths as frequently as possible and always keep them a safe distance from greens.
  •  Remember, golf is a sport that offers you the opportunity to exercise. Walking a little further is something that you will benefit from, along with helping to keep the course in immaculate condition.
  • Always rake the bunkers - rake the area you played from, along with all your footprints and any others within reach.

Embrace Golfing Etiquette

Golfing etiquette not only enhances the experience for every other golfer on the course but also enables you to enjoy your round more. It is a frequent misconception that etiquette should be left to the professionals because social golf should be more about enjoyment. 

Golf is about having fun and enjoying the experience both on and off the course, and if you embrace golfing etiquette, you may find that your next golfing adventure is that much more enjoyable!