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How to Improve Your Golf Game on the Gulf Coast

When you hit that perfect shot on the golf course, it’s that feeling that makes you keep coming back for more. But what about all those times that you are striving for perfection, and everything seems to fail? “Golf is not a game of perfect” is an infamous quote by Dr. Bob Rotella and it’s one that every aspiring golfer should follow. While we all can look to achieve perfection, the reality is that golf is a sport that no one will ever perfect…and that is ultimately why we love this sport so much.

So, if golf can never be perfected, what can we do to become better golfers? Buy the latest and greatest equipment, pay for lessons with a seasoned PGA certified professional, or perhaps the easiest option of them all – practice! It goes without saying, any of the best sporting icons have one thing in common. They are not afraid of hard work whether it’s in the gym, on the practice court/field or in the case of the best golfers in the world, on the driving range.

Visit Our Orange Beach Golf Center

When you head on vacation, this is the perfect time to work on your game while the rest of the family is relaxing on the beach or indulging in a little retail therapy. Visitors to the Gulf Coast can head to the perfect spot at any time of the day to enjoy a variety of excellent practice facilities at the Orange Beach Golf Center.

Experience the 30 grass tees and 10 covered mat tees at the self-pay driving range. Avoid having to go inside the pro shop to purchase a bucket of balls or a token and instead just park your vehicle and insert your dollar bills or pay by card to purchase a bucket. This convenient self-serve ball dispensing system certainly adds value to the experience and should encourage you to perhaps visit for a short practice session multiple times during your visit to the Gulf Coast.

The floodlights over the driving range create the perfect all year-round practice location, and with hours of 7AM to 9PM, this is an attraction you will surely want to visit regardless of what time of the year you head to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The practice putting/chipping greens and sand bunker are ideal to improve your short game and ensure you won’t be missing any more of those tricky short putts when you visit one of Gulf Shores’ iconic courses.

Art to Effective Practice at the Driving Range

A trip to the driving range is just the start of what you need to accomplish in order to improve your golf game. Rather than aimlessly hitting balls at the range, there is certainly an art to effective practice. When it comes to working on your golf game, whether you are trying to ensure you don’t short putts or perhaps cure that slice that keeps creeping into your game, there are a number of ways you can work on this when you next visit the practice area. 

3 Ways To Improve Your Golf Game

1. Appropriate Warm Up Routine
Before hitting your first shots, it’s critical that you warm up just like with any form of physical activity. Take a few slow motion, shorter golf swings to gently loosen your muscles and do a few stretching exercises to ensure your body is ready for full swings. From lunges to squats, there are a number of traditional stretching routines that will get you in the best physical shape to ensure you avoid injury and you are well prepared to make the most of your practice session.

2. Fundamentals of the Golf Swing
Understanding the fundamental components of a solid golf swing is what is going to ensure you know what to work on at the driving range. These include grip, alignment, stance and posture, all of which are critical even before you think about taking the club back. 

Establishing a solid base is critical and there is a frequent misconception that bending your knees similar to other sports is what should be done. Instead, bend over from your waist to reach the golf ball and try to keep your back relatively straight. Your arms will hang down loosely and as your eyes look towards the target, be sure that your feet are parallel to the target though it’s actually the clubface that should be aiming towards where you want the ball to finish.

3. Start with Shorter Clubs and Focus on Quality vs Quantity
Another misconception at the driving range is that the more golf balls you hit, the more productive your practice session is. The exact opposite is true, and you should be focused on hitting quality shots rather than quantity. Focus your attention on picturing yourself at the golf course and each shot that you take at the driving range should mirror exactly how you would approach the shot at the course.

Start with your shortest clubs in the bag such as your lob wedge or sand wedge and start hitting 5-10 balls towards a 50-yard target. If you are planning a longer-range session, think about hitting 10 balls per club before finally working your way to your driver. Always finish your session by returning to your favorite wedge and hitting some laser pinpoint shots at the 50- and 100-yard markers.

Enjoy Your Practice

Heading to the driving range should be an enjoyable experience. Following the above tips, you will start to reap the benefits and you will see definite improvements in your golf game. Practice makes perfect may be an infamous proverb but when it comes to golf, this is really the only way to achieve lower scores on the course. 

There are no quick fixes to improving your golf game, so experiencing quality practice sessions is what you should focus on the next time you are heading to the Gulf Coast for a golfing getaway. The Orange Beach Golf Center (along with other golf courses in the area that have awesome practice facilities) is the perfect place to visit to really see improvements after your trip to the Gulf.

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