Dad and Son golfing in Gulf Shores Alabama

5 Tips to Get your Teen to Tee Off for Gulf Shores Golf

Golf is a great way to get outdoors, sharpen your mind and stay active. These healthy habits are not typical to today’s teenagers, which is why sharing your love of golf with your teen is so beneficial.

But luring your adolescent away from their friends and devices can be about as easy as a root canal.

Your next beach vacation is a great time to take another swing at getting your teen interested in golf. The Alabama Gulf Coast is not only home to beautiful beaches, it also plays host to award-winning golf courses. These championship courses are professionally designed and conveniently located in or near Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, so they’re easy to fit into your vacation schedule. Most courses also provide full equipment rentals, so don’t worry about packing your clubs in your luggage.

While a beautifully landscaped course might make your eyes sparkle, it may not have the same effect on your teen. These five ways to get your teen to tee off are great for getting them off the couch and into The Masters. Or, at least onto the driving range!

Father and Teen Son golfing

Keep It Short

Your teen’s attention span may not be as long as yours. Golf games can be long and require concentration. Start your teen off with a nine-hole game so they don’t get overwhelmed. Many courses will also let you extend your game if desired. So, if they want to keep playing after nine holes then by all means, do it!

Mix It Up

Foot golf is a great way to get your teen exposed to golf. The game combines elements of soccer and golf in one and is rising in popularity with the younger generations. You can both learn a new sport while you teach them the traditional golf values of precision and critical thinking. Check out Craft Farms or Glenlakes for some local play.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Bribery

If you’re a seasoned parent, then you’re no stranger to bribery. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach boast beautiful courses that are located near Alabama’s best beaches and family-friendly activities. Use the promise of beach-going, water activities, or their favorite restaurant to get them on the course and into the game. They’ll be a pro in no time.

Gulf Shores Golf Course

Tempt Them with Exciting Wildlife Encounters

The Alabama Gulf Coast is home to a variety of wildlife species. As many of the local courses are located along swamps and estuaries, you never know what wildlife you might see while you’re teeing off. Birds and deer are not uncommon visitors on our greens. And we won’t confirm or deny alligator sightings!

Let Them Take the Wheel

Who doesn’t love to drive a golf cart? If your teen is itching to take the wheel, let them man the cart between holes. They’ll get a thrill and feel more confident in themselves, which can only help their golf game (and their driving test). Plus, you’ll be preparing them for their future job as your chauffeur.

Are you and your teen ready to hit the greens? Check out the Gulf Shores Guide to Golfing for more information on all things golf in the area.


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