Married couple at The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL

Four Unique Proposal Ideas on Alabama’s Beaches

If you’re planning a proposal, the beach is an excellent place to start.

The soft sand, the rolling waves, the warm and salty breeze - it all creates a perfect backdrop for one of the most significant moments of your life.

You can always take a simple sunset stroll and drop to one knee near the shoreline - but what if you’re looking for something more? Look no further than the Alabama Gulf Coast. The signature white-sand beaches provide a variety of unique ways to pop the question that will make your beach proposal stand out - and hopefully lead to you standing at the altar. 

One-of-a-Kind Proposal Spots on Alabama's Beaches

Proposal in the sand on Alabama's beaches

Spell it in the Sand

Writing “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand may seem somewhat obvious for a beach proposal, but it doesn’t have to be cliche! Rather than relying on your partner to decipher your own handwriting, let the expert artists at Sandcastle University help you create a custom sand sculpture that will turn your request into a true work of art. Consider a majestic sandcastle with your names intertwined or a sandy replica of the forthcoming ring. It will eventually wash away, but diamonds (and your love) last forever.

Woman on a sunset sail along Alabama's beaches

Take A Sunset Sail

Although not technically on the beach, a sunset sail creates a private paradise just offshore for a uniquely intimate moment. If you’re confident in your sea legs, book a “Sunset Escape” with Back Bay Sailing Adventures for a private two-hour sail into some of the area’s most stunning sunset scenes. Pop the question surrounded by gently rolling waves and a spectacular sky. You can even bring your own bottle of bubbly to toast to your bright future!

Proposal on board a hot air balloon on the Alabama Gulf Coast

Ask While Airborne

If love is in the air, a romantic hot air balloon ride is the perfect place for a proposal. Taking Off Hot Air Balloon Company offers exclusive couples tours that treat you to panoramic Gulf Coast views from hundreds of feet in the air. This aviation adventure will fill you both with stomach-dropping excitement - a feeling that will only be heightened as you step into your forever future (as soon as you land).

Couple parsailing in Orange Beach, AL

A Parasail Proposal

You should always aim to sweep your partner off their feet - and parasailing does all the work for you! As you soar 800 feet above the shore, you’re in a prime position to make her heart soar with your perfectly planned proposal. Ask your helpful crew to hold a large banner on the boat. But wait until you return to earth to present the ring. You don’t want to risk dropping it in the Gulf!

Alabama’s beaches are made for romance. Now that you’ve popped the question, let our sandy shores provide an equally perfect setting for a stunning beachfront wedding or romantic honeymoon.


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