How to Book a Family Fishing Trip

Zeke's Marina:
“The first consideration in booking aOrange Beach Charters family fishing trip will be deciding if your family wants to fish by itself on a private charter or go with other people on a shared expense trip,” Amanda Henderson at Zeke's Marina (,

251-981-4044), charter office says. “Usually these boats fish from 7 a.m. until about 1 p.m. and charge $95 for adults and $50 for children 12 and under. A 4-hour afternoon trip costs $75 for adults and $40 for children. The tip for the deckhand is 18 to 20 percent the cost of the trip. The deckhands will clean fish for you for $.30 a pound. Simply bring your cooler with what you want to eat and drink. Our private charter boats enjoy taking families out, and Zeke's can suggest a captain and a boat that provides you with bait, tackle and licenses.”

Sportsman Marina and Orange Beach Marina:

At Sportsman Marina (, 251-981-6247), you can book a trip with Action Charters. Orange Beach Marina (, 251-981-4207 ), has six charter boats available to take families and groups fishing. You book through the captains of each boat.

“A family needs to know the number of people who want to fish and choose the boat and the type of fishing they want to do,” Captain Troy Frady with Distraction Charters (, 251-975-8111), explains. “Some of the Orange Beach Marina boats can take 6 or less for a private charter or up to 20 or more. A multi-passenger boat or a shared-expense charter means you have less control over the type of fish you want to catch and how long you want to stay out. One of the trends along the Gulf Coast is for the family to decide whether it wants to keep fish to eat for dinner after the trip or catch and release fish. Many restaurants along Alabama's Gulf Coast will cook your catch in different ways.”

Orange Beach FishingSanRoc Cay Marina:
Caitlyn Bobo with Reel Surprise Charters (, 251-981-7173) says, “If this is your first time for your family to go offshore fishing, I recommend one of our party boats (walk-on trips) that costs $85 a person for a 6-hour trip. Two deckhands who have fished with us for years will help your family catch fish. These big boats won't rock as much if the weather's a little rough. Children who want to hold their own rods and reels are charged the same as adults. Children who fish with the parent's rod and the parent helps them are only charged $40. All of our captains for private charters and party boats enjoy fishing with families and helping them be successful.”

For more information about Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, visit, our easy to access fishing information pages complete with marina and charter captain listings. For any questions, call Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism's vacation-planning specialists at 1-800-745-SAND (7263). For a list of cook-your-catch restaurants, go to

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