Pro Tip: Get fit!

Pro Tip: Get Fit
All golfers do not have the same build, height and athletic ability. Some have more or less clubhead speed and power than others, so it's important for an aspiring golfer to play with the proper set for their swing and build. Getting fit by a PGA professional can help to increase distance and improve accuracy. During a club-fitting session, a golfer will be evaluated for proper lie angle, length, shaft flex and material. Getting assistance that includes swing instruction and a good program from a PGA professional will help with a golfer's progression, along with being fit properly.

unnamedContact David Musial, PGA Professional, and AHSAA Golf Coach, for individual and group instruction at GlenLakes Golf Club, Foley. He is a Callaway Golf staff member who can help you by evaluating your equipment and game. Lesson programs start at $100 for a 3-lesson game improvement program. Contact David at 251-955-1220, or email [email protected] for open lesson sessions.


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