A family charter-fishing adventure

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

When mapping out the schedule for your next fun-filled Gulf Shores and Orange Beach family vacation, save a day for fishing. But not just any fishing.

Make it an adventure the whole family can enjoy on a local charter boat.

Experienced captains can take you where the fish are – they know what’s biting and how to catch it. Most charter boats welcome families and love to see the kids haul in their first catch.

Once you decide what day you want to go, your next decision should be whether you want an inshore or offshore trip. Our website helps you choose from excellent private charters, shared-expense trips and party boats. Be sure to tell the charter company how many children will be on the trip and their ages. Depending on the maturity of the child, younger kids probably will be happier on a four-hour or six-hour trip. The charter boats provide life jackets and all the necessary equipment and licenses for your trip.

Ready to go fishing? Be sure to pack these essentials for a fun family day on the water:

  • Have sunscreen with you and apply it liberally. Be sure to follow the label directions on how often to reapply. Don’t forget the feet! If you are wearing sandals, your feet will get sunburned very quickly.
  • You’ll need plenty of water and maybe a few sports drinks. Make sure everyone drinks plenty and often during the day. If you drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, be sure to drink extra water to compensate for fluid loss.
  • A small cooler is allowed on most charters. Check with your crew for regulations.
  • Snacks will keep everyone happy. Hungry kids usually equal grouchy kids.
  • Sunglasses are a must! Even most of the cheap sunglasses today will protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. Polarized lenses will cut down on glare from the water. A lanyard is also a good idea to keep them from going overboard.
  • Wide-brim hats will protect your ears, face and neck. Even a baseball cap will offer needed protection for your face. It will be windy, so make sure the kids have a chin strap to keep from losing their hat.
  • Long-sleeve shirts and other coverings will protect everyone from the sun and wind.
  • A camera to capture all of the great moments.

Happy fishing!

Family Fishing on a Charter Boat


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