Travel Writers Share Best Multi-Gen Vacation Tips

Spending vacation with the entire family (grandparents, parents, and grandchildren) is a tradition for many families. Carrying on this tradition in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is easy.

With oversized condos and spacious beach houses, there’s plenty of space for everyone.

For tips on traveling with the entire family in tow, we turned to travel experts who make multi-generational vacations a regular routine. Hear what these seasoned travel bloggers have to say on packing up the family for a weekend or week of memory making and family fun on Alabama’s white-sand beaches.

Sail Wild Heart Orange Beach

“When traveling with a diverse age range, be sure to mix it up as far as your itinerary is concerned. Of course you don’t want to have your vacation time too structured, but be flexible and realize some days your group may want to split up and then rejoin at dinner! Do keep in mind there is something for everyone at the beach, especially Alabama’s beaches! For the non-outdoorsy “adventure” seekers, there is always the foodie route. Eat like a local and discover delicious cuisine you won’t find back home. For the younger generation, the beach and water activities are always popular. Some activities, such as cruising with Sail Wild Hearts, appeal to everyone from tweens to grandparents!” ~ Jamie Reeves, Blonde Mom Blog

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

“If you’re planning a multi-gen vacation, picking where you’re going to stay is key! You’ll need a large beach house or condo where everyone can relax at the end of the day to have dinner and hang out. You also want to pick a location that offers a variety of fun activities for all ages, from beach days to fun attractions (Alligator Alley, The Wharf, etc.), as well as amazing family-friendly restaurants like LuLu’s and The Hangout. It’s important to include downtime in your vacation plans where everyone stays in and plays games, cooks meals, watches a movie or whatever way your family likes to spend time together. Don’t feel rushed. Just focus on being together as a family.” ~Bryanna Royal, Crazy Family Adventure

“I think the most important tip when traveling with grandparents is this: you don’t have to do EVERYTHING together. Freedom from expectations is such a gift when you’re doing multi-generational travel. Don’t shame Nana when she wants to stay in instead of exploring around town with everyone else. Don’t get your feelings hurt when Grandpa wants to head to the museum instead of the waterpark. Give everyone the grace to choose activities that appeal to them, and cherish the times when those activities DO coincide.” ~Samantha Nelson, Those Crazy Nelsons

For more tips on traveling with the entire family, read Tips for Planning a Multi-Generational Trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.


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