An In-Depth Look at the LuLu

Advanced and Novice divers alike look to The LuLu for a dynamic dive that’s both challenging and captivating.

Captain Shirley Brown Diving in Gulf Shores

If you’re looking to dive into underwater exploration, set your sights - and your scuba gear - to The LuLu, a dynamic dive site that lies just 17 nautical miles south of Perdido Pass in Orange Beach. The LuLu, a 271-foot retired coastal freighter ship, was intentionally sunk in 2013 in an effort to support reef development and draw divers to our beach destination. 

The ship’s multi-level design offers an exciting space for exploration. Every level has several easily accessible rooms, each with an abundance of cavernous holes and shadowy spaces that are sure to hide marine surprises. Thanks to its large size and various depths, The LuLu offers a fun and challenging dive for beginners and experts alike. 

6 Things to Know Before You Dive the LuLu

  1. The LuLu has multiple levels that range from 60 feet at the upper wheelhouse to the ship’s sandy bottom, which rests at around 115 feet. 
  2. You can see most of the ship from approximately 90 feet, though each level has a variety of rooms and structures to explore. 
  3. Every level of The LuLu is within recreational limits, but they aren’t all recommended for every diver. That’s what makes The LuLu so unique - it offers something for divers of all skill levels!
  4. Divers with an Open Water Diver Certificate can dive up to 60 feet, making The LuLu’s upper level a unique and exciting site for novice divers. If you want to explore the lower levels, you’ll need an Advanced Open Diver Certificate.
  5. The winter months are best for vibrant visibility because the waters are clear, and larger marine life stays close to the shore. 
  6. Summer dives are better for extended exploration since the water is warm enough that you don’t need a wetsuit.  
Down Under Dive Shop

If you’re interested in some dive time at The LuLu, the Down Under Dive Shop is your source for all things scuba. Their team will take you on a private charter to The LuLu, where you’ll dive the site under the direction of their expert divemaster. The charter leaves early and lasts all day, so be sure to bring a cooler with drinks and snacks (bonus points if you bring snacks for the dive staff!) as well as plenty of reef-safe sunscreens. All divers must present a certification card and proof of recent dive activity to the captain at their respective check-in time. If you need some practice (or don’t know much about diving), they also conduct PADI dive classes to help new and advanced divers earn their certifications.


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