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Animal Encounters: Walk on the Wild Side at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Edutainment is the name of the game at our “Little Zoo That Could.”

Animal Encounters at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Recently, The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo has added new and enhanced previously existing opportunities for guests to engage with the animal residents in an up-close-and-personal way. 

Over the past several years, visitors to the zoo have been able to experience a variety of close animal encounters. This year, they have taken these animal encounters to another level, making them more engaging and educational. 

  • Kangaroo Encounter: Hop on over to hold, pet and snap a picture with a baby red kangaroo. Hailing from the Outback in Australia, these joeys will grow to be one of the largest marsupials on planet Earth; so, you don’t want to miss out on cuddling with them while they’re young. 

  • Lemur Encounter: Get close and playful with Madagascar’s most endangered species in the lemur playhouse! These fun little creatures will walk across your lap, try stealing your hat and enjoy any shiny trinket they can get their hands on.  

  • Sloth Encounter: If a slower pace is more your style, come experience the sloth encounter. Here you will learn all about the slowest animal in the world and then you may even get to feed him one of his favorite treats! 

Animal Enrichment Program, Gulf Coast Zoo

The zoo has also added a new experience: the Animal Enrichment Program. During this 60-90-minute day program, participants will have the opportunity to follow a zookeeper to learn how they care for the animals and keep them happy. Then, you will be able to create an enrichment item for one of the animals and watch how your item is introduced into its environment. 

Each of these activities is a great way to enhance your understanding of these animals by allowing you and your family to connect with them on a more personal leve! How cool is that? Make a day out of it.

To learn more about the Animal Encounter Signature Experiences program,  check out this quick overview on our site


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