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Eat This, Not That

Everyone has heard of the basic seafood options accessible all over the US, but what about the seafood the Gulf Coast offers locally? Next time you are at the beach eat this, not that!

seafood dish gulf shores
  • Try royal red shrimp instead of lobster. Royal reds, as they are locally known, can be recognized by their large size, red color and naturally salty and flavorful taste. Make sure you’re careful about overcooking when preparing; these shrimps are naturally a pink color even when raw, and it only takes half the time to cook them compared to other shrimp.
  • Try blue crab instead of snow crab. Blue crab meat is soft, sweet and juicy — even the claws. Like snow crab, blue crab is often served with the shell on, so if you can crack those hard shells, you are in for a real treat!
  • Try crab claws instead of Alaskan king crab. Picked from the ends of the blue crab’s claws, the meat is left attached to the “feather” of the finger. Typically served as an appetizer, crab claws are commonly served fried, sautéed or grilled, with a side of dipping sauce.
  • Try the fresh catch instead of salmon. Ask any local seafood restaurant if they have a fresh catch and we guarantee they will say yes. Although the type of fish varies, it is guaranteed to be delicious since it’s extra fresh. Most restaurants prepare it how you like — fried, grilled or blackened. 


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