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How To Get Crafty in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

When you hear “beach,” your mind automatically goes to white sand, blue surf and sunny days. But, on a recent visit to Alabama’s beaches, I discovered a whole other side to this coastal paradise.

Crafting. Yes, crafting! There are so many opportunities to let your creative spirit fly in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, and I was fortunate enough to get to try several. After a few days, I had a few self-made souvenirs to take home with me.

4 Coastal Crafting Activities on Alabama’s Beaches

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1. Jewelry Making

Whether you are experienced or new to making jewelry, you can create earrings, a bracelet or a necklace at Blue Girl Beading Company. Projects can be simple but if you want to challenge yourself, you can try something a bit more elaborate. I made a chunky necklace with an antique patina chain and copper accents. I started with the main stone and then built the rest symmetrically. It was challenging to assemble the entire necklace, but with expert guidance from the staff, I came up with something unique.

2. Custom Spa Product Making

If you are a fan of aromatherapy and spa products, The High Cotton & Bath Company is the perfect place for you. You can spend the morning creating lotions, scrubs, body scents or hand soaps. Using a combination of essential oils, you can create a scent that is unique to you. Scents can be subtle or prominent. Combining different accents can be challenging, but have no fear, there are tried and tested recipes available to you. Part of the class involves testing various fragrances and understanding how to combine them. Located at The Wharf at Orange Beach, you will be able to complete your creation and have a little retail therapy.  If you wanted to grab a cup of coffee, head over to The Southern Grind (one of my favorite breakfast spots in Orange Beach).

Clara's Loom Bon Secour, AL

3. Weaving

If you’ve never been introduced to weaving, plan a trip to Clara’s Loom in nearby Bon Secour. Here, owner Cecilia will walk you through a hands-on weaving lesson. It’s a great way to learn one of the arts of days gone by.

4. Glassblowing

Located in the beautiful Coastal Arts Center, head over to The Hot Shop and create a blown-glass masterpiece.  Working with a master glassblower, you will learn about the age-old craft of creating pieces with molten glass. Plan your glass-blowing excursion early in your trip so your souvenir finishes curing before your departure. If you can’t get a reservation early though, don’t fret. The friendly staff will carefully package and ship your art to you for an additional small fee.

There are so many more opportunities to unleash your creative side when you are visiting Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. After working on a project or two, you can also relax and unwind. With all these offerings you know you will never be bored! Alabama’s beaches are a coastal crafters paradise.


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