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Ultimate Guide to Golf Fitness – How to Stay in Shape on the Gulf Coast

Heading to the Gulf Coast is the perfect way to enjoy a golf getaway and helps create a lifestyle change with the ideal amenities to kickstart a fitness regime.

The stereotypical golfer on the PGA Tour today is not the same as it was 20+ years ago. It’s no longer just about perfecting your swing; rather, it’s about enhancing your body to ensure you are in the best physical shape to not only hit the ball further but also hit every shot needed to be successful on the golf course. Aspiring golfers may all strive to one day be like Tiger Woods physically and mentally, but the reality is that while there are many different aspects to achieving greatness, there are some fundamental tips and techniques that everyone can follow to improve their fitness on the golf course.

The average golfer may feel like hitting the gym is not going to improve their score. While there is some truth behind this, if they don’t have the fundamentals of the golf swing in place, leading a healthier lifestyle and creating a consistent workout schedule will only benefit everyone looking to take the next step in improving their game. A leisurely stroll around the golf course may not seem like much, but this alone is a fantastic way of adding a level of activity to an individual’s lifestyle.

Heading to the Gulf Coast is the perfect way to enjoy a golf getaway and helps create a lifestyle change with the ideal amenities to kickstart a fitness regime. Take a trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for a few days to focus on changing your lifestyle before heading home to continue what you developed. Let’s look at some of the best ways to stay in shape along this stretch of Alabama’s gorgeous coastline.

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Biking the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

A cardio workout is one of the best ways to increase physical conditioning to ensure that the golfer is in the best possible shape to maintain the highest performance levels over the full 18 holes. While golfers will rarely need to sprint around the links unless they are struggling to maintain the pace of play, cardiovascular conditioning is one of the fundamental ways to help maintain a high fitness level.

Gulf State Park is home to 28 miles of trails through nine distinct ecosystems, and biking is one of the best ways to slowly increase your metabolism and improve your condition before you hit the course. Building muscle tissue in your legs is something that will translate into the golf swing as your lower body transfers the power throughout, and what better way to build this muscle than by enjoying epic panoramic scenery across the Backcountry Trail.

Enjoy Luxury Gym Equipment at Turquoise Place

Looking for the perfect place to stay in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to enjoy your golf getaway? Look no further than Turquoise Place by Spectrum Resorts to enjoy luxury accommodations and indulge in state-of-the-art amenities to help transform your fitness levels. Head down to the fourth floor to experience a vast collection of workout equipment, ranging from elliptical machines, treadmills, squat and bench press racks, and free weights.

With breathtaking views across the Gulf of Mexico, this is the perfect backdrop to really push your body to the next level. Resistance bands are a great way to build core strength while mirroring your golf swing, and lifting light weights can help to ensure you can hit those miracle shots out of the deep rough. Don’t let the thought of having a perfect body convince you to lift heavy weights because this can frequently have the reverse effect on the golf swing.

Squats, box jumps, pulldowns, and cable triceps extensions are excellent ways to increase those key muscles in the golf swing. Still, the key to success in the gym is to keep those sessions relatively short before heading to the pool or lazy river to relax and recover.

Beach Gulf Shores
Walk 32 Miles to Enhance Physical and Mental Fitness

Can you think of any better way to prepare for a walk around the golf course than by walking along 32 miles of sugar-white sand beaches by the Gulf of Mexico? Take an early morning stroll or enjoy a late afternoon sunset to experience one of the Gulf Coast’s primary attractions. 

The breathtaking beaches are not only the perfect way to increase your endurance levels, but they also offer spectacular views and a relaxing ambiance to mentally prepare for the next round. While physical fitness is imperative, understanding the mental aspect of golf is equally important. Getting away from strenuous physical activity and listening to the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the beach is a great way to take your mind to a positive place.

When one of the world's premier sports psychologists, Dr. Bob Rotella, spoke about his “10 rules on mental fitness”, he spoke about finding peace on the course. And there is no better way to prepare than finding solitude on the 32 miles of Gulf Coast beaches. Just like the golf course will be a golfer’s sanctuary, the beaches along the Gulf Coast are an equally idyllic environment to practice those mental exercises that will take your golf game to the next level.

Soul Bowlz Gulf Shores
Indulge in Healthy Food Options

Perhaps the biggest challenge when visiting Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is knowing where to find the best healthy cuisine that reflects the quality of local options available. The Gulf Coast is home to a variety of local restaurants, each offering fresh menu items that will satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Why not start the day with a refreshing Soul BowlZ acai bowl, full of fresh fruit and nutrients that will help prepare the body for a day on the course? If you are visiting Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club or Kiva Dunes, sample the local menu items at the restaurants for lunch. Enjoy the fresh catch of the day at either Cobalt or GTs on the Bay for dinner.

Seek Perfection On and Off the Course

Perfecting your golf swing is the same as perfecting your fitness levels. It does not happen overnight, but it’s a gradual process that everyone can achieve if they follow fundamental principles. The Gulf Coast is the perfect location to start a shift in lifestyle change, especially if you have any aspirations of taking your golf game to the next level.

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