Coastal Alabama Clean Up

Volunteer Opportunities for Your Team on the Alabama Gulf Coast

Choose a volunteer opportunity to bring your team closer together and allow them to do something good in the community.

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores have several outreach programs that will allow you to work side by side with your team and make a difference in the community. From coastal cleanups to programs such as Leave Only Footprints, being kind to nature creates a purposeful outlet for team bonding.

Coastal Clean Up Volunteer Gulf Shores

Every September, the Gulf Coast comes together for one of the biggest cleanups in the area. During Alabama Coastal Cleanup, hundreds of people work together across several zones of the Gulf Coast waterways, with each group picking up and tallying litter and debris in their zone. The event is responsible for recycling and removing more than 1.6 million pounds of trash since beginning three decades ago. 

Don’t worry if your meeting is not in September. There are plenty of other ways to get involved and be more sustainable during your event. 

Leave Only Footprints makes beachgoers aware of the dos and don’ts to help all beach guests have a fun and squeaky clean experience. This program also teaches individuals and businesses how to become eco-friendly by recycling, reusing items when possible and commuting to and from work. After all, we want our beaches to be enjoyable for generations to come.

Leave Only Footprints sign on the beach

The Leave Only Footprints initiative focuses on making the Gulf Coast a beautiful place to live, work and play. Why not have your team be a part of something great? Working with their motto of “leave no trace,” you and your team can make a difference by going out and cleaning up areas of the beach. This task gets your team active and makes them aware of the repercussions of leaving items on the beach. Contact the team at Leave Only Footprints to learn how you can make a difference during your next meeting. 

The Alabama Gulf Coast offers other types of outreach programs as well. Your associates can help build a home with Habitat for Humanity of Baldwin County, even with no experience. Have the group pitch in for trail-building or cleanup opportunities through the Gulf State Park, or volunteer at a local food pantry. 

Team-building volunteer exercises are meaningful to your attendees and impactful to the communities you visit. For more information on how to get involved and to book a team activity, contact our sales department.


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