At the Gulf Coast

One of the Alabama Gulf Coast's biggest fans, Kaitlyn, age 10, wrote a persuasive paper for her class in Montana after a trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach with her family. Kaitlyn's grandfather and teacher encouraged her to publish her paper.


the Gulf Coast
By Kaitlyn L., Montana

Have you ever heard how astonishing the Gulf Coast is? It is a breathtaking place that will change your life eternally. There are lots of reasons why you should go.

1. Cobalt! Cobalt is a restaurant that you can get to by boat or car. There are plenty of places to tie up a boat. On the dock, you can sometimes see pelicans. Inside and outside Cobalt there is an uncovered fish tank. If you eat breakfast at Cobalt, you can get food from a buffet. There is a glass case with candy and cupcakes inside. There is also a huge window with an attractive view.

2. Pirate Ship! At the Gulf Coast, there is a pirate ship that you can ride. You can get your face painted and consume as much salsa as you want. You play a bunch of entertaining games and even swab the deck as time flies by.

3. Animals! At the Gulf Coast you will see many animals. Lizards, owls, stingrays, crabs, fish and dolphins are all there. Sometimes, you can see the lizards puff up a red thing in their throat that make it look like they're blowing a bubble with gum. It is very fun to see what the animals do.

4. Docks! On docks at the Gulf Coast, you can buy fish food for 50 cents. It is amusing when the fish leap out of the water to eat. Sometimes you can see crabs crawling around the wooden posts. If the water is clear enough, you can see many wonderful sea creatures.

5. Beaches! At Gulf Coast beaches, you will feel wonderfully warm sand under your feet. You see many beautiful animals and get to swim.

6. Waterville! Waterville is a very fun water park. There are colorful water slides, a wave pool, an arcade, a roller coaster, mini golf, a carousel and many other attractions. You will want to spend the whole day here!

I hope you decide to go to the Gulf Coast one day. If you do, you will certainly have as much fun as I did.


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