Three Fun Beach Adventures

Are you longing for a beach with sand that will flow through your toes? Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama are calling your name. Here you will find fine sugar sand that offers beach adventures you will claim as yours. The Alabama beaches are home to 32 miles of pristine coastline that have something for everyone. Consider these three beach adventures that await you along the Alabama coast.

Kids of all ages love to dig in the sand. Yes, that includes you, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. Bring a sand shovel, a bucket, and your imagination. The Alabama beaches are ideal for building the sandcastle of your dreams. The sugary sand is easy to work with, and in no time at all you will find yourself sharing your work of art on Instagram. When is the last time you built a sandcastle on your favorite beach?

Parasailing is the thrill of a lifetime for the water enthusiast. Here you have a bird’s-eye view over the Alabama beaches and water. The views from above are all water, with the sugar-white sand hugging the coastline. On a clear day, the sand stands out with the reflection of blue. If you are lucky, you may notice a dolphin or two out in the depths of the Gulf.

Pelican Gulf Coast wildlifeSTROLL WITH NATURE
Strolling along the beach with a pair of binoculars is always refreshing. The nature enthusiast will love the sights and sounds of the Alabama coastline. From birding to getting a glimpse of a pod of dolphins, beachgoers have the opportunity to sink their feet into that fine sugar sand while watching nature in a whole new light. When was the last time you sank your toes into a little sand and caught a glimpse of a pelican?

The Alabama coastline offers the finest beaches you will find in the United States. I have always found them clean and inviting. Please remember to do your part when it comes to keeping these beaches clean. If you carry it in, carry it out. Or, as they say in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, “leave only footprints!”

As you can tell, thrill seekers to the casual birder will fall in love with coastal Alabama. I’d love to hear how you enjoy the Alabama beaches. Are you a thrill seeker or more of a casual nature enthusiast?

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Sara Broers is a travel enthusiast that resides in North Iowa. Sara has fallen in love with the Alabama coast line and believes that the Alabama Beaches are the best in the United States. To keep up with Sara's adventures, head on over to Travel With Sara and connect with her through social media.

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