Family Beach Vacation in Gulf Shores

5 Best Vacation Ideas for Trips with Kids Under 5

Traveling with children isn’t always easy, but it can certainly be memorable and fun.

Baby playing on Alabama's Beaches

One of the greatest benefits of traveling with pre-school-age kids: You can vacation any time of year. You aren’t limited to the peak summer season, or spring or fall breaks when the kids are out of school. This flexibility is one of the keys to lower rates, spacious beaches and shorter wait times at your favorite Gulf Shores restaurants and Orange Beach attractions. Use these years wisely and enjoy the flexibility of traveling during the pre-kindergarten years with these five ideas for easy kid travel.

1.) Lighten up.

We mean this literally. Kids do require more “things” when traveling. Whether it’s portable cribs, strollers or just toys in general, there are extra things you need during your vacation. Rather than loading down the car with kid gear, arrange rentals in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Specialty rental companies can provide everything from cribs to strollers to bikes. Save yourself the hassle and pack as lightly as possible.

2.) Be flexible.

Make a tentative itinerary, but include plenty of downtime for naps, condo time and just relaxing. This non-activity time will be important for everyone, including you. Don’t be concerned with sticking to your schedule. Use it as a guideline rather than a rule.

Kid Friendly lodging

3.) Pick kid-friendly lodging.

You’ll be glad you did. When considering your Gulf Shores beach house or Orange Beach condo, inquire about amenities such as pools, kiddie pools, playgrounds, arcades, etc.

4.) Check restaurant and attraction websites prior to your visit.

Few things are more disappointing than arriving at your favorite restaurant or an attraction the kids have had their hopes set on, only to find it closed. When traveling during shoulder seasons, it’s wise to ensure your favorite spots will be open prior to pulling in the parking lot.

5.) Plan a stop at the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Welcome Center.

The welcome centers are great spots for the kids to stretch their legs and use the restroom after a long car ride. Browse the rack cards for attractions you may be interested in and be sure to ask staff about beach events, restaurants and activities.

Lastly, just stay positive. Don’t take yourself too seriously. After all, when you’re at the beach it’s always better to go with the flow.

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