Golf Pro Tip: Increasing the Distance on Tee Shots

A Word from Todd: The main question I get is “How can I increase distance on my tee shots.” Jack Nicklaus always said he liked to feel as if he swung from the ground up. What we call that today is proper sequencing in our downswing.

Golf Pro Tip Swing

Through proper sequencing, Jack would lift his left heel off the ground. Then, in his downswing, he would replant that left heel. This would start a kinetic chain of events to allow him to provide maximum pressure to the golf ball at impact. He would replant his left heel to allow his knees to move next, then his hips, then his trunk, then shoulders, arms, hands and finally the golf club. It’s through this last application of releasing this lag at the ball that will help you maximize your distance.

A drill called the baseball drill will help you with this chain of events. Set up with a driver. With your lead foot, put your feet together. When you begin to swing, open your legs back up and step forward with the lead foot as you swing. If you try that over and over again, you’ll begin to feel the proper sequence of events that will help you sustain the most lag and give you the most speed as you hit the ball.

Todd Bailey is the golf professional at Rock Creek Golf Club. He can be reached at 251-928-4223.


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