Beach Momcation

5 Reasons to Take a Beach Momcation

Life as a mom can be demanding sometimes…who are we kidding? It's demanding all the time.

Whether you work outside the home or you are a full-time mom and domestic goddess there is a good chance you are being pulled in 100 directions. At some point every mom realizes that even Super Mom needs to recharge. What better way to recharge than a Momcation on Alabama's white-sand beaches?

Girlfriends at The Gulf

A Momcation can mean a trip all by yourself (for those who dream of uninterrupted restroom breaks and a little silence) or a trip with your favorite mom squad that you love to cut loose with.

Still not convinced a beach Momcation is right for you? Here are five reasons we think you (and maybe some friends) should head down our way right now.

1.) Vitamin Sea, we mean D, is just what the doctor ordered.

A day (or two) at the beach is sure to provide your daily recommended dose of both! We have miles of beautiful beaches, from the newly renovated Gulf Shores Main Public Beach to the more secluded stretch of beach at Alabama Point East where you can read a book (maybe even two!)

2.) If you take care of YOU, you can take better care of them.

It’s hard to be Mom of the Year when your body and soul needs some TLC. Is anything more namaste than yoga on the beach? Get your downward dog on in the sand and get the ultimate in stress relief. Is a spa day more your thing? Indulge in a facial or luxurious pedicure (perfect for flip flops).

Girlfriends at the beach

3.) Trade mac and cheese and whine for Gulf Coast seafood and wine.

(Unless that mac and cheese has lobster, of course!) Remember a simpler time when you could eat your meal all at once without stopping to cut up someone’s green beans?  Visit some of our fan favorite restaurants to find your fav fare.  

4.) Adventure awaits!

You know you are brave enough to tackle that unknown substance growing under your son’s bed…but are you brave enough to be your own captain with Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours?  Be fearless and try something new!

5.) Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Let’s be honest, though. One of the best things about a Momcation is coming back home. Your family has missed you. You’ve missed them. You’ve even missed hearing the word “mom” 173 times a day (well, maybe not). After your beach getaway you’ll be ready to get back to the mom thing with renewed awesomeness. The best part is now you get to share your adventures with the ones you love most and plan your next beach trip…this time with the FAMILY.


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