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4 Coffee Drinks to Try in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

From coffees crafted after cocktails to lush lattes made with love, you'll find a new favorite in one of these four drinks on your next beach vacation.

Change can be good, especially when it comes to your coffee. Your normal breakfast brew may wake you up, but it may not be stunning you with its full, fantastic flavor. As one of your first (and most important) drinks of the day, shouldn’t it be the most delicious?

On the Alabama Gulf Coast, we care about your coffee. Our area is full of unique, locally-owned coffee shops specializing in craft blends and specialty drinks that bring some magic to your morning (or afternoon, or evening). 

4 Must-Try Coffee Drinks & Blends:

Bushwacker Coffee Gulf Shores

The Bushwhacker Blend, Southern Shores Coffee

This artisanal shop’s signature blend tastes so much like the beloved beach cocktail that you may be double-checking your cup for ice cream (and rum). It’s crafted from 100% Arabica beans and flavored with cream of coconut and chocolate undertones, offering a rich, full-bodied flavor that’s as sweet as a shoreline sunrise. Cold-brew is a popular way to enjoy this delish coffee concoction. Southern Shores also roasts their coffee beans onsite.

Nitro Draft, The Southern Grind

The Southern Grind’s delicious Nitro Draft will change the way you think about cold-brewed coffee. To create it, cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas using a pressurized valve and then dispensed through a draft system. The result is a smooth, rich, and clean coffee with a creamy feel and a foamy top you would expect from a stout (like Guinness). Try it in a tall for just $4 at their Wharf or Indigo Hotel locations. 

Foam Coffee Orange Beach

Sea Salt and Honey Latte, Foam Coffee

There’s no place like Foam if you’re looking for delicious craft coffee. This coffee shop offers specialty drinks made from fresh, locally roasted coffees that are the perfect pick-me-up. You’ve got to try their “made-with-love lattes,” which are served hot with a happy heart pressed right into the foam. The Sea Salt and Honey Latte is a fan favorite with the perfect blend of sweet and salty flavors. Why choose one when you can have both in one cup?

Fresh Signature Roast, Beach Girl Coffee

Sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics. Beach Girl Coffee does just that with their Signature Roast Coffee, a drink they describe as “a piping hot cup of fabulous.” This no-frills coffee is full of flavor and made from freshly roasted beans, creating a cup that’s sure to delight the most discerning coffee drinkers. As Gulf Shores’ only drive-through coffee shop, they’ll pack your cup to travel and send you on your way with a sweet southern smile. 

While you’re here for the coffee, don’t forget to pack your day with other fun things to do!


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