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Your Guide to Allergy-Friendly Travel in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

A beachfront vacation means a break from the everyday stress of life - unless you live with food allergies. Eating out can be a challenge for those with food-based allergies, especially if you’re enjoying a new area. You can bring your own snacks and only eat at large chain restaurants, but what if you want to stay safe and sample some unique coastal cuisine? 

You visit the Alabama Gulf Coast! Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offers premium restaurants that work hard to be allergy aware. Whether you have an allergy to seafood, peanuts, dairy, wheat, or just bad food, you’ll find a variety of options that provide a safe and spectacular dining experience. 

Our 5 Favorite Allergy-Friendly Restaurants in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach:

LuLu's Gulf Shores

1. LuLu’s 

Lucy Buffet’s iconic beachfront restaurant goes the extra mile to be fun and allergy-free for the whole family. Their large menu lists delicious options for just about every type of allergy, including items that are free of seafood, shellfish, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, and more.

It’s not only accessible allergy menus that sets LuLu’s apart from the crowd. Guests who alert the staff to allergies will have their order overseen by a manager, who will ensure the items are prepared in a separate kitchen area to reduce the threat of cross-contamination. In 2017, this attention to detail made all the difference for a 6-year-old boy whose list of life-threatening allergies restricted him from eating in restaurants - that is, until he went to LuLu’s! For the first time in his life, his mom said he was able to order from a restaurant, despite his allergies to tree nuts, peanuts, dairy and eggs.

2. Another Broken Egg

One of the area’s most popular spots for brunch extends the fun to every guest with a full menu of gluten-friendly options. They also have a full nutritional guide that lists any and all potential allergens and cross-contaminations for every menu item.

3. Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos makes it easy for those with food allergies to get their Mexican-food fix. They offer allergy, gluten-free, and vegetarian menus and offer a detailed allergen guide that lists the potential risks for each of their dishes.

Big Fish Restaurant & Bar

4. Big Fish Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy an elegant dining experience without worrying about an allergy attack. Big Fish Restaurant & Bar offers impeccable cuisine in a polished atmosphere and includes special menus for food allergies and gluten intolerance. 

5. The Hangout

One of Gulf Shores’ most popular restaurants for family fun is also friendly for those with food allergies. Their menu is clearly marked with gluten-free options and they have many items that are free of peanuts, eggs, dairy, and other common allergens.

7 Tips for Allergy-Friendly Travel along Alabama’s Gulf Coast

Broken Egg Orange Beach AL

1. Do your research

Some basic research can make it easier to choose the right restaurant. Visit websites to browse online menus and learn about a restaurant’s cuisine. You can also use an online resource like AllergyEats to find a list of restaurants that are allergy-free in an area (and get feedback from fellow diners).

2. Call ahead

Before you choose a restaurant, call ahead to speak with a manager and confirm they can accommodate your needs. 

3. Choose your cuisine carefully

Some restaurants may be riskier than others depending on your specific allergy. For example, people who are allergic to peanuts may want to avoid Asian cuisine, as many dishes are prepared in peanut oil.

4. Speak up

As soon as you arrive, clearly communicate your condition to your waiter, the manager, and even the chef if needed. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions - they may be able to prepare the dish you want without your allergy ingredient.

The Hangout Burger

5. Check on cross-contamination

Make sure the restaurant has a process in place to avoid accidental contact while preparing your food, such as a separate kitchen or designated cookware. 

6. Don’t dine at peak times

If possible, try to eat during slower periods of the day to give the chef and staff plenty of time to accommodate your allergies.

7. Be prepared

Accidents happen despite the best intentions. If you have a severe food allergy, always bring your EpiPen and any other medications you need to treat accidental exposure. 


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