Mystic Stripers Society Mardi Gras Parade

From: 6:30 PM

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Mystic Stripers Society Mardi Gras Parade

As Mardi Gras historian Emily Hearin wrote it: "On the evening of the 1939 Mardi Gras celebration, a merry group of six friends, along with their wives and dates, left the Tea Dance at the Elk's Lodge ... and decided it was too early to abandon Mardi Gras for the Lenten season.

"One of the group was a part-owner of the Imperial Laundry. He suggested they make use of some convict suits from the Atmore Prison Farm that had just been washed and cleaned. There were no hats or masks with the suits, so they purchased Chinese coolie hats and masks from a street vendor and proceeded to parade on foot."

That little group led to the formation in 1940 of the Mystic Stripers Society, referring to the prison stripes they wore a year earlier. The group first paraded in 1948 with an emblem portraying two striped animals, a zebra, and a tiger.