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Where can I find a map of the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail?

Please visit www.alabamacoastalbirdingtrail.com, where you will find downloadable maps of each loop. If you are an avid bird watcher or just a novice spreading your wings, this trail features the known birding spots throughout Baldwin and Mobile Counties. Other website resources include the birder’s code of ethics.

What are the future Mardi Gras dates?

Make your reservations now to spend Mardi Gras on Alabama's Gulf Coast. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach both host parades on Fat Tuesday with other local and nearby parades leading up to the big day. Fun for the whole family! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Please be aware that the Mardi Gras parade schedule is subject to changes. For more information on future Mardi Gras dates, please head to our Mardi Gras page. 

Where can I find some cool downloads?

Want to view our FREE 2023 vacation guide online? Download the 2023 Digital Vacation Guide.

What is the Sports Commission?

The Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Sports Commission is a partnership between Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism, the Coastal Alabama Business Chamber and the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. With a mission of bringing quality sporting events to Alabama’s Gulf Coast, annual goals are based on room nights and sponsorship sales. The large majority of how the organization functions is focused on accomplishing three main goals: (1) making it easy to plan an event in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, (2) driving participation to our annual sponsors and (3) enhancing the participant and visitor experience. 

Where can I find Spring Break information?

Spring Break information is posted under the Calendars Section. To link to it directly, click here.

How many people are on the island on the 4th of July weekend?

Rental occupancy rates are calculated on a monthly basis, not daily, so we don’t have specific data for holiday weekends. Even with those occupancy rates, the variety of sizes of rental units, coupled with the absentee owner units not in a rental program, that may or may not be occupied, a total visitation number is difficult to estimate. Seasonal occupancy rates for visitors staying between one and 30 nights in paid accommodations can be found in our Visitor Profile Studies, posted online at www.agccvb.org/stats.

What if a guest doesn’t know where his or her convention is meeting?

You may call the CVB at 251-974-1510, and a staff member will be able to look up this information. Keep tabs on what groups are in town by visiting our convention calendar, which does NOT include the convention name for security purposes. This way, you can staff accordingly or even offer special promotions to attendees.

Where can I find all the latest news on the AL Gulf Coast?

Simple! Sign up for E-Tidings, a monthly e-newsletter for industry partners that contains interesting beach topics, facts and figures. We’ll also keep your posted on the happenings in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach communities. Please click here to sign up for the list, which is secure and will not be re-sold to third parties.

My business doesn't offer RV parking, but I would like to suggest an alternative to my guests.

Island Retreat: 251-967-1666
Gulf Breeze: 251-968-8884
Gulf Coast RV: 251-968-6494
Gulf State Park: 251-948-7275
Doc's: 251-968-4511
The Wharf Storage: 251-351-9658

My Business doesn't offer boat trailer parking, but I would like to suggest an alternative to my guests.

U-Own-It Boat & RV Storage: 251-981-7867
East-180 U-Stor-It: 251-989-2532 (Monthly only)
Thomason Storage: 251-968-5611
The Wharf Storage: 251-351-9658