Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Share the Beach with
Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle If you vacation in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach between May to October, you might just be lucky enough to come across a sea turtle nest. Each year, female turtles make their way to our beaches to nest and lay their eggs. The Alabama Gulf Coast is the nesting site for several species of endangered sea turtles. After about 60 days the eggs will hatch, and the hatchlings begin a perilous journey back to the sea. They will eventually return to the beach where they were hatched to lay their own eggs. During the months our marine friends use the sandy shores for their life cycle, it's important to not disturb their nests.

Share the Beach is a volunteer program organized to protect nesting sea turtles and their habitat and educate us all on how to be more “turtle friendly.” Read on to learn about how you can help make our beaches a safe haven for our flippered friends and watch video of turtle hatchlings making their way to the sea.

Experience a whole new inspiring act of nature when you vacation in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

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