Welcome Back! Snowbird Clubs In Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.  

Every winter, a special "species" of folks in their golden years flock to the Alabama Gulf Coast to spend the winter months in the sun. Affectionately called "Snowbirds," they come to enjoy the mild weather, miles of beaches, and special winter discounts

on beach houses and condos.During the winter months, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offers Snowbirds a fantastic range of entertainment, shopping, festivals, concerts, golf, tennis and special events. There are also a number of community and activity centers in the area offering hobby programs, parties and other social events for seniors.
Over the years, a number of State Snowbird Clubs have been formed by those who enjoy forging friendships and socializing with others from their own home state. January is usually the month for "Welcome Back Snowbirds" meetings and breakfasts. For information about club membership, or to make reservations for upcoming breakfast events, see the club contact information listed below:

Illinois Snowbird Club: Contact Phyllis James, 251-981-6901 ext. 1+ 3078.

Indiana Snowbird Club: Contact Jo Strycker at 251-967-4444.

Iowa Snowbird Club: Contact Doris Wolf at 251-981-6901 ext. 5980.

Michigan Snowbird Club: Contact Chuck Parrott at 251-948-8235 or Jerry Wallace at 251-967-1489.

Minnesota Snowbird Club: Contact Larry Anderson at 251-968-3143.

Missouri Snowbird Club: Contact Rich Rose at 251-948-5833.

New York Snowbird Club: Contact Frank & Tracy Panczyszyn at 251-981-1246.

North Dakota/South Dakota Snowbird Club: Contact Nancy Kunkel at 605-661-8616.

Ohio Snowbird Club: Contact Gayle Hofacker at 251-540-7745.

Pennsylvania Snowbird Club: Contact Jerry Lindenmuth at 251-981-6824.

Senior Snowbirds: Contact Michael O'Rourke at 251-981-2493.

Wisconsin Snowbird Club: Call Ken Krouse at 251-967-2463.

For a full calendar of events coming up this winter, and to find winter lodging specials, go to www.gulfshores.com.

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