Take to the Water

April is not too soon to get in the water for plenty of people. But some people are only interested in swimming when the Gulf feels like a soothing, warm bath. Either way, you don't have to be in the water to enjoy the ocean. If you have never experienced

the thrill of gliding along the surface of a glassy delta or a rolling sea, maybe it's time to consider taking a charter.
Fishing Charters
Orange Beach & Gulf Shores have numerous options for chartering a fishing boat. Experienced captains guide you through the process of finding fish, casting and reeling in a trophy. You don't have to be an expert fisherman to get started, charters will have everything you need including fishing equipment. Spring is a great time to create memories that last a lifetime – as the Gulf waters start to warm, the fish are abundant.
If you are interested in booking a fishing charter, visit our easy charter fishing selection tool.

Sailing Charters
Turned off by the noise and intensity of fishing charters? If your memorable vacation is about serenity, nature and stunning views, a sailing charter might be more to your liking. Consider a sunset tour for fantastic, romantic vistas; connect with nature on an eco/dolphin tour; or relax, put away the electronic devices and reconnect with family on a private charter. Sailing companies typically have several options for length and type of tour so you can find an option that is priced to meet your needs.
Visit: Orange Beach Sailing Charters
Visit: Sail Wild Hearts

Fish Off the Pier
Not sure you have your sea legs yet? Maybe the thought of getting on a boat makes you a little green around the gills. You can still enjoy the ocean on the longest fishing pier in the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf State Park is conveniently located between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and features a new beach pavilion including an amazing fishing pier. Dangle your legs over the edge, cast off and wait to reel in the big one. You will have a spectacular view of the Gulf. You can watch pelicans dive for food, search the horizon for dolphin fins and glimpse far-off freighters.
For more information visit the website.

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