Try Crabbing for Family Fun on the Coast

Get Crabby

blue crab sitting on a log

Each summer evening on the beaches in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, you can see swarms of kids and adults with flashlights chasing cute little sand crabs. Letting the kids enjoy nature and teaching them the importance of catch and release is fun for everyone. But the crabbing we want to talk about is the quest for the beautiful, tasty blue crab.

Crabbing for blue crab can also be a family activity – and if you don’t have access to a kitchen, or don’t care to cook, it can be a lesson in catch and release. Blue crabs can be found in the back bays and passes during the summer.

The most common method used to catch blue crabs is a basket. These inexpensive tools can be purchased at a tackle shop near the beach, then dropped from a pier, sea wall, kayak or canoe.

Baskets aren’t the only way to catch blue crabs. The most basic crabbing is accomplished with a line and bait. You don’t even need a hook. Just tie the bait to the end of the line with a sinker. Drop the line and when a crab finds it, pull him slowly to the shore. A net will be necessary at this point to get the crab in if you plan to eat it. Crabs are not picky eaters, so you can use most anything for bait – fish parts work well, or try anything cheap.  Have a container to keep your crab alive to make sure it is safe to consume.

Keep in mind that, even for recreational crabbing, you must possess a saltwater fishing license. Happy crabbing!

For other rules and regulations, visit Outdoor Alabama


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