Travel Bloggers Share Must-Try Beach Desserts

Bill's by the Beach DessertsDo you save room for dessert when you eat at your favorite Gulf Shores or Orange Beach restaurant? If you don’t, you may have to rethink your dinner strategy after reading these suggestions from travel bloggers who can’t get enough of those sweet treats on Alabama’s beaches. Check out their suggestions and chime in to let us know if you’ve had any of these decadent desserts.

“How do I choose a favorite dessert in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? My foodie visit was filled with delicious food, including an array of tasty desserts. If I must choose, a real standout was the tropical bread pudding at Bill’s by the Beach. All the desserts at this Gulf Shores restaurant are made in house and absolutely delectable. Made with melons and mango puree topped with Captain Black buttered rum sauce, salted caramel, and gelato, I could have cleaned my plate of this delightful dessert. But, I had to save some space for the flourless Dark & Stormy chocolate cake, blueberry cobbler, coconut cream pie, and key lime pie, too. The desserts at Bill’s by the Beach are so delicious, it would be a shame to order only one.” ~Erin Klema, Epicurean Traveler Blog

Best Beach Desserts“Gulf Shores is chock-full of fabulous restaurants serving up desserts like Cobalt’s Banana Pudding. Layered up just right with the perfect amount of wafers, bananas and creamy pudding goodness, it just screams southern sweetness. It has been one of my favorites for years.” ~Becky Beall, The Travel Voice by Becky

“Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned milkshake? The Yard Milkshake Bar is amazing. With 28 flavors of ice cream, 20 toppings, and edible cookie dough, you’re sure to find your favorite combination. I ordered the “Cookie Dough Delicious” shake which consisted of cookie dough ice cream, whipped cream, plenty of fudge, plus a huge scoop of cookie dough on the side of the shake. The mug it was served in was dipped in frosting and rolled in chocolate chips. This is not your typical ice cream shop. BEST milkshake EVER!” ~Mary Edwards, The Florida Bloggess

“I expected to find a lot of key lime pie in Orange Beach, but the dessert that really surprised me was the bread pudding at Ginny Lane Bar and Grill. I’m a sucker for a good bread pudding, and the white chocolate bread pudding at Ginny Lane is truly something special. So special in fact that the recipe was willed to the restaurant by their pastry chef, so hopefully that means it will be around for a long time!” ~Tamara Gruber, We3Travel

Fishers popcorn dessert“Who would have thought that popcorn and ice cream could be so delicious together? Fisher’s Upstairs is serving a dessert that combines those two things into one amazing dessert. You just have to try it, but trust me when I say you’d better order at least two. I liked it so much I created a version of it to make at home. It was THAT good.” ~Nicky Omohundro, Little Family Adventure

“Hands down, my favorite dessert in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach is at SALT at SanRoc Cay. The entire restaurant experience at SALT is incredible. If you don’t get the pecan pie, you are missing out (and that’s a big deal because I’m pretty picky about pecan pie). Chef Chris is wonderful, and I highly recommend the entire dining experience at SALT.” ~Sarah Gilliland, Sarah in the Suburbs

Rum Sisters Cakes“I love the alcohol-infused cakes at Rum Sisters. The classic “Keel Over” cake with dark aged rum is so moist and delicious, but my favorite is the “Twisted Sista” made with Kahlua and dark and white chocolates. It’s divine! And every flavor is available in gluten-free and sugar-free!” ~Shannon Entin, The TV Traveler


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