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5 Different Things to Do During a Fall Vacation

Everyone has a good idea of what they want to do during a summer beach vacation—beach, pool, repeat. However, coming to the beach for a fall vacation is a little different.

It’s the perfect season to explore different avenues of fun and adventure, and we’ve rounded up a great list of options to get you started.

Espionage at Mobile Point

Espionage at Mobile Point, an Escape Room

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere and folks love the clue-based adventures with adrenaline-pumping time restrictions. At Espionage at Mobile Point, use your skills to help your party reach freedom and avoid the charge of treason. This signature experience also offers some hidden educational fun as you learn about the Battle of Mobile Bay and the impact on the Civil War while the clock ticks. The fun lasts 60-90 minutes and is suitable for four to 10 participants.

Sail Wild Hearts Blue Angels Adventure

Sail Wild Hearts offers so many fun, family adventures, from snorkeling and sailing to kayaking, dolphin and sunset sails, and the ever-popular Blue Angels sail. The Blue Angels sail boasts a thrilling opportunity to see practice flights of the world’s most elite fighter pilots. You’ll drop anchor in front of the Pensacola Lighthouse and have a front row seat to the amazing feats just overhead. Afterwards, sail to Fort McRae (an historic Civil War-era fort) where lunch will be served aboard the catamaran. Explore the fort, kayak, paddle board and make fun, fall vacation memories.

Bow Fishing and More

Go rogue with a new hobby! Try bow fishing, flounder gigging, duck and hog hunting or the more familiar inshore and offshore fishing excursions with Intercoastal Safaris. Choose from all-inclusive packages (transportation, lodging, meals, etc.) or head over to angling school to perfect your sport.

Do you want to really get outside your comfort zone? Try night time flounder gigging and bow fishing with Night Shift Charter Service out of Zeke’s Marine in Orange Beach. Their “no sunscreen required” specialty is something to see as they illuminate the sea floor with high-powered lights allowing guests to witness the marine life from a new prospective. It’s great for kids and families, so bring everyone!

Airboat Adventures in Spanish Fort Alabama

Airboat Adventures

Airboat Adventures in nearby Spanish Fort offers a unique experience on the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta running the shallows in an airboat in search of wildlife. Great for learning opportunities, airboats get you up close with turtles, alligators, owls, herons and more. Customize your own trip, try bow fishing or enjoy the day exploring coastal Alabama.

Clara’s Loom

Feeling crafty? Head over to the Coastal Textile Center at Clara’s Loom for a lesson in weaving. Guests here enjoy the eclectic assortment of yarns, fibers, travel looms and drop spindles for sale in the retail section. Also, purchase owner Celia Dionne’s wares: handwoven shawls, scarves, cord necklaces and framed Alpha Omega art series.

Before any vacation, it’s always a good idea to browse the online specials. You never know what deals are out there from lodging to restaurants to activities. And, who doesn’t want to save a little money during a fall vacation?

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