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Golf on the Gulf Coast All Year

Although the warmer months are the most popular times to play golf, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach is the perfect place for year-round playing. 

For many golfers, golf is typically played during the summer months unless they're willing to battle the elements and take a trip to the course during the colder, wetter seasons. However, those who venture to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach discover that this area is a golfing haven all year round, and frequently the fall season is perhaps the best time of the year to be visiting the golf course. It comes as no surprise that four of Gulf Shores courses have been Among Golf Advisors' Top 20 golf destinations.

Most people recognize golf as a warm-weather sport. However, its conception dates back to Scotland, so it's no surprise that this sport can be played all year round. The benefit of golfing on the Gulf Coast is that you won't need to worry about packing layer upon layer of warm attire. You can also relax with the knowledge that those warmer temperatures of the summer are behind you.

Golfing in Gulf Shores

Why the Fall Season Offers Perfect Golf Conditions

While the summer months offer an excellent opportunity for a golfing vacation with plenty of sun and daylight, it can frequently leave many golfers preferring to visit the 19th Hole due to the summer heat. Whether you want to enjoy the fall foliage or prefer the slightly cooler temperatures, hitting the links during the fall season is undoubtedly a great time to showcase your golfing skills.

Additionally, the summer crowds have ventured away from the Gulf Coast. While the locals will continue to head to the courses, visitors will likely be able to choose their perfect tee time without having to play longer rounds due to lots of other golfers on the course. Play at your own pace and enjoy a relaxing experience at your favorite Gulf Coast course.

Golfing in Gulf Shores

Enjoy Golf on the Gulf Coast in Winter

As winter reaches the Gulf Coast, golfers still have the opportunity to practice their game rather than storing their clubs for the season. Many golfers head to the range to continue perfecting their swing before visiting one of the fantastic courses along this stretch of coastline.

Winter months are traditionally known for sipping hot chocolate by the fire. Still, the golf season continues along the Gulf Coast because of a climate that allows for golfers to visit the course without fear of needing to wrap up in several layers. With average temperatures in the mid-60s during December, golfers can enjoy the festive season on their favorite course.

The collection of courses in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach provide a golfing oasis for visitors who want to get away from the colder climates and enjoy a Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation along the 32 miles of gorgeous Alabama coastline.

Many of the local courses offer winter specials for the winter snowbirds who venture to Alabama's Gulf Coast. This is a great time to enjoy huge savings during the off-season. Both Craft Farms and Peninsula frequently offer "Six-Pack Cards," which provide golfers the ability to buy six rounds at one of these clubs for one low price with huge savings.

Golfing in Gulf Shores

Work on Your Game in The Off-Season

While taking advantage of the discounted rates is a great opportunity to experience the wide selection of courses along the Gulf Coast, the off-season is the ideal time to improve your golf game by visiting the range at Orange Beach Golf Center. The shorter daylight hours may prevent you from enjoying a round at your favorite course after work, but this is the perfect time to head over to the lighted driving range to work on perfecting your swing.

Golf is a sport that requires repetition and allowing your swing to go dormant during the winter months can frequently lead to you starting in the spring, knowing that it may take several weeks or even months before you can find your swing. By practicing your swing throughout the winter months, you'll be ready to go in the spring, which means you'll likely have an advantage over those who choose to pack their clubs away.

Evaluate Your Equipment

In conjunction with working on your swing, the winter months are a great time to purchase new equipment and get comfortable with your new clubs. Visit a local professional to inquire about the latest high-tech driver on the market, or perhaps you just want to purchase a new putter to help kickstart your performance on the greens. The off-season is the perfect time to try out new clubs and establish a comfort level with them before the start of the new season.

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Get in Shape on the Gulf Coast

Can you think of any better location to start a new fitness regime than the 32 miles of pristine, white-sand beaches along the Alabama Gulf Coast? While it takes discipline to get in shape and create a fitness routine, your golf game will see immediate benefits as you gain strength and flexibility. Go for a jog along the beach in the morning or evening. This will not only improve your fitness but provide you with an opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking sunrise and sunset that many people visit the Gulf Coast to experience.

Check out all fifteen courses located along the Alabama Gulf Coast and start planning your next golf getaway to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!


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