Fort Morgan

Cozy Spots for a Winter Beach Getaway

Are you looking to escape the cold of winter? Travel to Gulf Shores for a winter beach getaway. Check out the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach blog to learn more!

Winter vacations at the Alabama Gulf Coast may not be white (unless you count our white sand beaches), but it’s always a wonderful winter getaway. There’s a reason so many snowbirds flock to our shores for the season - the temperatures are mild, the crowds are low, and the beaches are beautiful (if a little breezy). Plus, you can cash in on special winter rates to score some really affordable rentals!

Tips to a Wonderful Winter Rental

Of course, the perfect vacation rental for spending the summer may not work as well for the winter season. You may opt for something cozier, with additional amenities to help you ward off the chill and while away winter in comfort. Some things to look for include:

  • A Fireplace - While our daytime temps are deliciously mild, winter nights can be chilly. You can’t build fires on the beach, but some rentals have their own private fireplaces where you can cuddle in comfort. 
  • A Hot Tub - There’s something striking about soaking in a hot jacuzzi surrounded by the crisp winter air. Bonus points if it has a balcony view!
  • An Indoor Pool - Our weather may be comfortable, but the Gulf’s temperature isn’t conducive to swimming. Indoor pools are the best way to swim during the winter season - some of them are even heated!

Ask your rental management company for a directory of beach houses and condos offering these amenities.

2 Spectacular Winter Spots

Kiva Dunes Fort Morgan
Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan is a quiet stretch of the beach, even during the summer. This small, laid-back beach community is a spot of stunning seclusion that’s perfect for a restorative getaway during the winter. You’ll find miles of empty shoreline that call for long strolls with the crisp water shining under a clear winter sky. The Fort Morgan vacation rentals are spacious and set comfortably apart, offering privacy and picturesque views. When you want to venture out, you’re a short drive from the world-class dining, shopping, and attractions in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfasts

Our Bed and Breakfasts are charming spots for any season, but they’re especially cozy during the colder months. They’re picturesque, private, and complemented by creature comforts like in-room baths, home-cooked meals, complimentary refreshments, and personal on-site service. 

You’ll feel right at home in nearby Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast, where you can relax in your beautifully appointed suite, feast on full-course breakfasts, and stroll among the stately live oaks that line the picturesque property. The on-site team specializes in southern hospitality and will be happy to take the worry out of your winter trip with local knowledge about the area. 

Ready to experience a wonderful winter getaway at the beach? Start planning your seasonal stay today!


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