2023 Mog Mile at Flora-Bama

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Join the Gabriel Kinney Ranger Base on Oct. 7 at Flora-Bama to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Operation Gothic Serpent with the Mogadishu Mile Event. This annual commemoration honors the heroic actions of Task Force Ranger and remembers the fallen warriors in Somalia on Oct. 3, 1993. The daylight operations began in the afternoon on Oct. 3 and did not end until the final Ranger element departed the city in a running gun battle now known as the Mogadishu Mile on the morning of Oct. 4. Learn more about the history of this event: https://www.threerangersfoundation.org/mog-mile-history

Participation can be any act of remembrance such as a 1-mile walk, our suggested WOD or even a meal with friends. Shirts can be purchased here: https://www.scrollfactory.com/products/virtual-mog-mile-shirt. All proceeds directly support active duty and former Rangers, their families and Ranger Gold Star Families from the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment, including veterans of affiliated supporting units.

Schedule of events at Flora-Bama:

  • Sign in under the “tent” prior to 1200 hours (between 1100 and 1150 hours); go to the “tent” and sign in at the registration table.
  • The MOG Mile ceremony will start promptly at 1200 hours. Just walk down the beach walkway at Flora-Bama, and you will see the beach stage platform and Rangers with their families.
  • 1200 Hours: Welcome and introductions, followed by a brief talk about the Battle of Mogadishu, Task Force Ranger will be given by Ranger Larry Perino. After the address, roll call will be held, and the names of the fallen Rangers will be read in their memory. Ranger Base Kinney’s Chaplain will say a prayer and the MOG Mile event will commence.
  • Post-MOG Mile will be held under the tent to include food, drinks and live entertainment.

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