Homeschool Lessons in Art on the Alabama Gulf Coast

The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area is the perfect place to combine homeschooling and family vacation.

As a homeschool family, we are always learning, even when on vacation. There are so many opportunities for you and your family to learn and have fun at the same time. Our family loves to be on the beach and find new creatures living in the sand or in the water. That has sparked so much research and interest in the Gulf ecosystem without even realizing we were being educated! While we love the beach, we are also a creative bunch. My daughter creates with clay and fibers. My son enjoys woodworking and mixed media art, while my husband has a talent for drawing and painting. I make a really cool mess. The Gulf Shores area has many opportunities to get creative. You can take a class to learn a new art technique or be inspired at a local art gallery. 

Glass blowing Orange Beach
Glass Art

Have you ever created art with glass? I have to say, glass art may be my favorite. The Hot Shop, located at the Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach, is the place to learn about creating glass art. While on your homeschool beach vacation, you and your family can learn how to create blown glass. Demonstrations are available, or choose a hands-on lesson in group settings or for individuals. How about learning glass fusing and lamp work at The Hot Shop? The studio is the only public access glass studio in Alabama.

Creating With Clay

Does anyone in your family enjoy getting their hands dirty with clay? My daughter is slightly obsessed. The next time we are in Orange Beach, we are scheduling her some time at The Clay Studio. The Clay Studio, located at the Coastal Arts Center, offers clay hand-building classes and wheel-throwing lessons. You can even paint and glaze pre-made pottery. Be sure to schedule your clay studio or Hot Shop experience at the beginning of your trip, as it takes your handmade souvenir a few days to set before traveling. But don't worry - if it isn't ready when your trip is over, the staff will happily ship your piece!

Art Festival Orange Beach
Art Gallery

Looking for some inspiration for your creative spirit? Consider a trip to Clara's Loom Coastal Textile Center. You'll find a gallery and gift shop full of handwoven shawls, yarn and travel looms. Classes are available for adults and children, small groups and even individuals. It's a great place to learn this heritage skill and take home a handmade souvenir!

Orange Beach Festival of Art

Plan your homeschool vacation around the annual Orange Beach Festival of Art held in March each year, if possible. Your budding artists will get to see live demonstrations of numerous art forms, including visual and performance arts. It's an entertaining and educational way to experience coastal culture.


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