Come to Your Senses on Alabama's beaches

Come to Your Senses in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

This spring, safely experience everything there is to see, hear, taste and feel on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

We’re living through unprecedented times where making memories and being in the moment are more important than ever. If your family is ready to travel, there’s truly no better place to create long-lasting memories without putting your health at risk. Read on to learn about all of the ways you can use your senses to explore Alabama’s beaches.

Alabama's beaches


You’ll have to see it to believe it, but Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are home to beautiful sugar-white sand and miraculous turquoise waters. Often on the beach, you’ll find children running into the Gulf, building sandcastles and playing rousing games of beach volleyball. Off the beach, you’ll also experience some sensational sights. Whether you’re kayaking along the Coastal Alabama Back Bay Blueway, sightseeing on a dolphin cruise, biking through the nine ecosystems found on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail, or fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find your eyes have so much to take in on the Gulf Coast.


Musician in Orange Beach, ALWaves lapping and children laughing are the sounds people think of when they imagine vacationing along our shores. But what most might not know is that the destination is home to a wide array of live music venues. From waterfront restaurants and inland diners to dive bars and breweries, you’re able to hear local and regional musicians perform around the island nearly every night of the week. Many of these venues have open-air stages and balconies, making it simple to stay safe while dancing and jamming to your favorite tunes.

Gulf Coast seafood


After hours spent exploring the destination, you’re bound to be mighty hungry. Fortunately, our local restaurants sure know how to please your palette. Fresh seafood is one of the most popular menu items at area eateries. Think fried shrimp, oysters on the half shell, grilled grouper and seared snapper. If seafood isn’t for you, there are also many options for meat lovers, including Alabama BBQ, mouth-watering burgers, fried chicken and more. And, of course, if you’d like to stay on the healthy side we’ve got plenty of restaurants that offer fresh salads and Insta-worthy smoothie bowls.


Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores, ALEarlier this spring, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo opened its new 25-acre location just a few miles north from the previous location. With all of the space, not only do the animals have more room to roam but zoo guests are able to get around the park more smoothly and safely. They’ve also been able to expand their animal encounters program. At the zoo you can hold baby kangaroos, climb around with lemurs, and feed sloths and giraffes. In a time when it’s important for us to keep our distance from one another, the zoo offers guests the ability to connect with a variety of animals from all over the world.

Get Inspired for Your Next Vacation


If you’re ready to travel, we want you to know it’s safe to have a sensational spring break in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. There’s so much to see, hear, taste and touch while staying healthy on your vacation. Also, many businesses are implementing social distancing protocols and all people in our state are required to wear masks when in close proximity of others. Visit our coronavirus page to learn how our destination is working to ensure your health and well-being.