King Felix III Parade

From: 12:00 PM

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King Felix III Parade

This is the Mobile Carnival Association's gift to the community. There are lots of royalty associations with 60-plus Mardi Gras organizations in Mobile, but only two groups stage public coronations - Mobile Carnival Association and the Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association.
The coronation is open to the public, with crowds of about 2,500. Most guests wear formal attire as they sit in the stands watching the events unfold.

After the Mobile Carnival Association's King Felix III arrives by boat at Cooper Riverside Park on Lundi Gras, he climbs aboard a float and rides through downtown Mobile to wave to his loyal subjects and throw them some royal stuff.
Coupled with the Floral Parade, this procession includes just about every member of MCA's royal court, including the Juvenile Courts.